About Tiroeteng: Connecting Talent with Opportunity

Tiroeteng is online job advertising marketplace where different users interact by sharing job opportunities across the world and announcements of any kind. This is where clients and companies meet freelancers and wonderful relationships are created that will establish unity and trust amongst users. We pride ourselves by establishing a unique service that will assist freelancers and job seekers to find the right opportunities. Skills, expertise and experiences will be shared by freelancers and job seekers to meet the job opportunities that are presented on Tiroeteng Job advertising marketplace for prospective opportunities.

Tiroeteng is led by an innovative team with the aim of creating a unique online job advertising marketplace, where we provide a seamless customer experience and members are able to meet freelancers and candidates. This is the place where you can view, post and apply for your job [piece job, custom job, vacancies and tenders], engage with clients and companies who posted the jobs and view announcements published on Tiroeteng Job advertising Marketplace.

VISION To create a trusted online job advertising marketplace that will engage clients and companies across different continents to showcase the job opportunities available. To give job seekers and freelancers the power to find their dream jobs and to ensure that companies and clients can find the best talent possible..

MISSION To provide the best online job marketplace that will provide accurate and quality job content that will be appreciated by clients, companies, freelancers and job applicants.

  • Accountability each of us is responsible for our actions, our results and our choices.
  • Customer focus we strive to exceed customer expectation when delivering our service
  • Teamwork We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together
  • Integrity We are trustworthy and act in good faith
  • Innovation We thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas